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What is the Swiss Magic Masters?

A large swiss Magic: The Gathering tournament weekend with tournaments offered in various formats.


What is Magic: the Gathering?

Magic is a strategical card game that can be played by two or more players. There are two categories: constructed and limited. Limited formats involve players building a deck spontaneously out of a pool of random cards. In constructed, players created decks from cards they own, usually 60 cards with no more than 4 of any given card.



Buy your tickets online with the links on the homepage. Print out your ticket and come to the registration so that we can check everything is fine and give you a little present.


Tickets at the venue

If we have any space remaining, we will sell tickets at the venue - you then need to pay at the Judge station. we accept cash & EC / credit cards.

Places for each tournament are limited! To be sure to be able to participe in a tournament, best use the preregistration.


Side events


Good Games Bern offers a host of side events, see schedule for details.


Becoming a vendor

If you would like to become a vendor at the Swiss Magic Master Series please contact us at


Buying & Selling Magic cards

It's prohibited to sell M:TG related items at the event if you are not a registered vendor. We will remove you from the event! It's only allowed to buy / sell M:TG products from our registered vendors.


What do I need to bring?

For the constructed events (Modern, Legacy) you will need to bring a deck with at least 60 cards mainboard and 0-15 cards sideboard, the cards must be legal in the respective format that you play (see, and please respect that proxies are not allowed).

Please do not forget to write a decklist for the constructed events!


Food & Drinks

There will be warm foods, coffee, water and soft drinks sold at the venue.



Parking is free in front of the Location

Personal belongings

This goes without saying but please be careful with your belongings. At a large event like this, there is  always the risk that somebody could try to steal your property. Be careful where you place your bag and don't let anything go unattended (for instance, don't place your bag behind your seat, but below your seat or between your feet).

The Swiss Magic Masters organisation cannot be held responsible for any missing and / or damaged belongings.

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