22./23. October 2022

Swiss Masters: Modern - Legacy - Limited

Side Events & Commander Zone

Vendors, Catering

2 Days of Magic

Save the date: we will meet in October for 2 Days of Magic the Gathering at the Kubus in Berne


Saturday 22.10.

Swiss Magic Masters
Modern : 22. 10. 2021

Side Events TBD

Sunday 23.10.

Swiss  Magic Masters
Limited : 23. 10. 2022

Swiss Magic Masters
Legacy : 23. 10. 2022

Swiss Magic Masters
Legacy : 23. 10. 2022

Side Events TBD


Magic and More

Hall Hours: 8:30 - 21:00
- Free entry -

  • Vendors

  • Food and Drinks

  • Free Car Parking


The swiss Magic Masters 2022 takes Place at the Kubus Eventlokal in Bern.

How to get there

 Prize Wall
Main Events

We use a completly transparent prize system based on Credit Points (CP) according to number of players. One CP is worth CHF 1 and can be used to pay at the venue.

How to use the credit points (CP)? spend them on:

  • singles you need for your decks at our vendor booths​​

  • Boosters/Display of current sealed product, ...

  • accessories e.g. deck boxes, sleeves, dice everything you need for a tournament

  • food and drinks at our catering booths

  • entry into one of our side events

Side Events

Commander Zone All Day

Side Events will be announced at a later date


A big thank you to our sponsors and Traders

Swiss Magic Masters is Organized by

Aareboge Magic Switzerland

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