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Swiss Magic Master Trials

Trials are tournaments where you can earn a bye for a main event of the Swiss Magic Masters. The bye is valid for the main event in the same format as the trial that earned you the bye. If you win a modern trial, you get the bye for the modern tournament.

A player can have at most one bye per format - byes can not be cumulated. If you would win more than one bye for the same format, you can choose to use it for one of the other formats.

Ask your favorite store to do some trials for the SMM.

Upcoming Trials

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Byes for the SMM 2024

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We offer you the possibility to register your tournament as a trial for the Swiss Magic Masters. Aarebogemagic needs to approve that your event may count as a trial. Please contact us at before announcing the tournament.

We will avoid that more than one trial in the same format happens in the same region on the same date.


Trials for SMM 2024 must happen until October 20th and you need to communicate us the winner(s) and the number of participants of the tournament until October 21st at the latest. You need to send a screenshot of the final standings to us after the tournament.

The tournament announcement has to mention that this tournament is a trial for the SMM. In return, your participants can win byes for a SMM tournament, and Aarebogemagic will publish all trials on social media and the SMM website.

Each organizer may run a maximum of 3 trials per year. The tournaments need to be in one of the Main Event formats of the SMM: Modern / Legacy / Limited (e.g. sealed, possibly with Top 8 Draft). The byes are valid for their corresponding format.

Trials may be run as casual events without an official judge, but need to follow the official rules from Wizards of the Coast. Trials must be publicly announced and open to everyone - invitation-only tournaments can not be trials.

You need to plan enough rounds to determine a clear single winner.

To give the winner 1 bye, a trial needs at least 8 participants. If there are at least 32 participants, the second placed also gains 1 bye.

8-31 Players: 1st place earns 1 Bye

32+ Players: 1st place and 2nd place each earn 1 Bye

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