Swiss Magic Master Trials

Trials are tournaments where you can earn Byes for a main event of the Swiss Magic Masters. You can decide yourself for which tournament of the main event you want to use your byes that you earned - though no more than 2 per tournament. Make sure to tell us if you want to use your byes when you register for the SMM.

Ask your favorite store to do some trials for the SMM.

Upcoming Trials

Byes for the SMM 2019

Store Information

We offer you the possibility to register your tournament as a trial for the Swiss Magic Masters. Please contact us at before announcing a tournament as a trial.

The tournament announcement has to mention that this tournament is a trial for the SMM. In return, your participants can win byes for a SMM tournament, and Aarebogemagic will publish all trials on social media and the SMM website.

To be accepted as a trial, tournaments needs to be officially sanctioned WotC events. You will need to send a screenshot of the final standings to us after the tournament.

Each organizer may run a maximum of 2 trials per year. The tournaments may be in any one-versus-one format. The byes may be used for any main event during the SwissMagicMasters weekend. This means that the byes are not tied to the format of the trial.

To be valid, a trial needs at least 8 participants. If there are at least 32 participants, the winner gets 2 byes and the second placed gains 1 bye.

8-31 Players: 1st place earns 1 Bye

32+ Players: 1st place earns 2 Byes, 2nd place earns 1 bye