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MTG Melee

As you might have heard, the old Wizards Event Reporter software has been discontinued. The replacement system that Wizard offers is still not usable for larger events.

Therefore, we decided to use the MTGMELEE system, as it has all the necessary features we need. When buying your ticket for a Swiss Magic Masters main event, we ask you to specify the email address you used to register yourself on MTGMELEE.

How to register yourself on MTGMELEE?

Go to the MTGMelee registration page and fill in your username, real name and email address and select a password. For the Swiss Magic Masters, you don't need to specify your Arena or Magic Online ID, nor the DCI number.

How to enter the tournament?

Buying the ticket online and specifying your MTGMELEE account is all you need to do. We do not use the checkin feature of MTGMELEE but enter all people who bought a ticket into the tournament ourselves. As we will be physically in one room, we will provide paper results slips like usual.

You can however keep the website open on your phone to see your pairings.

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