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At the SwissMagicMasters, we welcome Commander players. We wanted to keep the commander games casual, so we decided against running a commander-masters this year. The focus is instead on creativity, playing in a small group and mainly, having fun.


You don't have to pay any entry fees to join commander games at the Swiss Magic Masters. Just find a free table, a few other players and you are ready to play. We also encourage you to meet new commander players and enjoy new opponents with new decks.



To make your commander games more fun and rewarding, we have created achievements.

You have the option to buy our achievement cards. By doing so, you support the organizers to pay for the nice location and help the Swiss Magic Masters grow. For five Swiss Francs, you receive four achievement cards.


Three of the four cards have a predefined goal written on them, the fourth will be empty. You can write any goal you like on the empty card. These achievements can be handed out during your commander game.

The prefilled cards have a mix between clearly defined goals, such as “Control 15+ creature tokens” or “Win the game”. There are also open achievements that give you some space to interpret when to hand them out. For example “Play of the Game” or “Backstabbing”.


One achievement card is worth one Swiss Franc and can be used to pay at any of the vendors that will be present at the Swiss Magic Masters.


How you use your achievement cards is entirely up to you. We suggest that 3-4 players each buy a set of achievements (4 cards) and distribute all of them among each other while playing a game of commander.

Here are a few examples how these cards will look like (they will be mostly in german).


If you have any questions concerning the achievement cards or the command zone in general, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Commander Zone at the Swiss Magic Masters

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